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IT&B Triathlon Training

Come Join the team!

Team IT&B trains athletes interested in a challenging and positive group training program. Adults of all ages and skill levels are welcomed. We include training in the primary sports: swimming, biking, running, as well as stretching and strength workouts.

Team Objectives
Our training plan includes instruction in technique, intervals, distance workouts, unlimited computer linked smart bike trainer* sessions (fully air conditioned room), multi-event bricks, stretching, strength training & seminars.

*Tacx SMART Bike Trainers
The Tacx bike trainers are based on the simple principle that riding a bike indoors should feel as much like riding an outdoor bike as possible. For the most interactive and immersive indoor cycling experience Tacs has developed a smart trainer that connects wirelessly to training apps. With automatic controlled resistance the bike trainer will adjust its resistance automatically according to the input from chosen workout or GPS course. Tacx Smart trainers measure your speed, power and cadence, which will be visually displayed on a large computer monitor.

General Schedule: detailed schedule will be EMAILED to all participants.
Tuesday AM & PM: Bike on smart trainer + strength session - IT&B Studio
Wednesday AM: Swim workout, open water or pool
Thursday PM: Running workout
Saturday AM: Long distance bike ride, open water swimming
Sunday AM: Long distance running

Upcoming Events
Our race plan has been developed to appeal to a wide variety of interests so you can choose the events that are just right for you. This page describes the races that the team is focusing on for the year. Set your goals now and plan ahead for a challenging and rewarding 2019. And be aware that Team IT&B athletes pursue a variety of races of all distances and venues, so keep your ears open to hear about other adventures that your teammates are planning for the year.

2019 Team IT&B Races

February 9 Saturday Ultimate Run (Team IT&B event)
May 12 Sunday Honolulu Olympic Triathlon
June 1 Saturday Hawaii Half-Ironman - (AKA Honu)
August 1-30 Tantalus Climbing Challenge: During the month of August climb Tantalus on 10 consecutive days or if you so desire, climb it 10 times in 1 day!
August 11 Sunday Boca Hawaii Tamanaha 15k - Kapiolani Park Bandstand
September 2 Monday Oahu Rough Water Swim - Sans Souci Beach
September 29 Sunday Auto Source 25k - Kailua Beach Park
October 20 Sunday HMSA 30k
November 10 Sunday Running Room Val Nolasco ½ Marathon
December 23/24 Monday/Tuesday Pool Swim challenge Killer Quad 75x100 yards (Team IT&B event)

Pricing, Team Discounts

2019 All Access Membership
Includes all IT&B Triathlon Team workouts plus unlimited indoor spinning and fitness room access. Available in three formats, monthly, quarterly and annually.

$120 per month
$432 per quarter (10% discount)
$1200 per year (2 months free)

Island Triathlon and Bike, Shop Discounts

Island Triathlon and Bike is a proud sponsor of the Team IT&B. Located at 569 Kapahulu Ave., IT&B is a full service bicycle shop offering 10% off all merchandise and 10% of bikes to active Team IT&B members (not including labor). Stop in any time and meet James Smith, the owner of IT&B! Visit https://itbhawaii.com/

Rick Crowley / Head Coach

Rick Crowley has a Doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biology and an undergraduate degree in Nutrition Research from the University of Maryland. He worked in research in Silicon Valley and the University of Maryland, where he authored studies on cancer and infectious disease. He has experience in the health and wellness industry ranging from Facility General Manager and is a certified personal trainer (ACE). He competes in triathlons, open water swimming and running races at the age group level and has no plans of stopping.

Rick has coached athletes of all ages and levels and has a passion for building a community of multisport athletes and developing whole-person athletic activities supporting members’ personal commitments. Rick encourages and motivates people to live a life full of activity — encouraging discovery that athletes are capable of doing much more in life than they thought possible.

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